Introducing Our Referral and Broker Program

Building strong relationships is the key to success in this industry, which is why it is important for any financing company to have a strong network of outside contacts as well as a strong staff. At Commercial Funding Center, we understand those relationships to be the foundation of our business, which is why we treat all of the brokers we work with like part of the family, whether or not they eventually join our team.


We are proud to offer some of the most competitive referral rates and commissions in the industry, and we do not just reserve them for our group brokers. We also pay them out to those who can bring us deals that we wind up funding. All you need to do is contact an associate about previewing or submitting. When you do, you also benefit from our referral-back policy. Simply put, your customers are your customers, so we will always send them back to you if they approach us with another project, regardless of whether or not we funded the first one.

Our Group Broker Program

In addition to the great rates we pay for outside referrals, we also offer some outstanding benefits and opportunities to those who want to join our regional sales team. Team members gain access to financial and identity management tools that allow them to work from wherever they happen to be, and they are also rewarded with support from a team of professionals who just want to see their clients funded. If you are considering joining us, know that we are looking for team members with the following traits:

  • Friendliness when dealing with clients
  • Organization when handling the paperwork for a deal
  • Motivation to seek new leads and make new deals
  • Innovation to help customers understand how to put together a financial package that best benefits them

If you are interested in learning more about our benefits for employees or our referral program, contact an associate today.