A New Source of Funding for Your Company

If your business is in need of a new, untapped source of income, Commercial Funding Center has the perfect option. Accounts receivable is an ideal choice if you sell services or products to customers and give them as many as 90 days to settle their account. Rather than wait that full 90 days for money that’s already coming to you, we can give you quicker access, which you’re sure to love.

An Ideal Option for Every Business Type

What’s so great about financing receivables is it’s great for a variety of business models, including startup companies, businesses that have filed for bankruptcy, those that are losing money and nearly anything in between. Some of the advantages to this type of financing include:

  • Rather than looking at your credit, we’ll instead take a look at your customer’s to determine your financing
  • You can receive your cash in as few as 24 hours
  • There are no arbitrary loan board decisions to worry about
  • No fixed payments, recourse or personal guarantees to deal with
  • Your customers receive free credit insurance
  • Funding receives a boost as your sales and receivables increase

Let’s Get Started

Imagine having funding for your many business needs, such as expansion, buying up new equipment or maintaining your inventory. Get in touch with one of our representatives if you’d like to find out more about accounts receivable.