A New Way to Help Yourself and Your Customers at the Same Time

Do yourself and your customers a favor and look into a new type of financing designed to provide everyone with what they desire. With consumer financing, your customers can buy your products or services even when they might be a bit strapped for cash. One of the best things about this specific type of financing is it’s ideal for businesses in various industries and of various sizes. Give yourself and your customers the gift that never stops giving.

A Single Solution, a Number of Benefits

Some of the specific advantages of consumer funding include:

  • Increasing and encouraging customer loyalty
  • Building better brand awareness
  • Giving your customers another way to enjoy your services or products
  • Boosting your chances of receiving repeat business
  • Enjoying high credit limits
  • Receiving quick credit approvals
  • Taking advantage of bad debt collection

Once your customers have signed up for financing, they’ll have the luxury of being able to pay for your products or services over a period of time rather than in one single lump sum. Even better is the fact that we make applying quick and easy so your customers can start using their credit soon after applying.

Learn More

Know that Commercial Funding Center representatives are standing by if you have any questions about consumer financing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more, or if you’re ready to apply for our program.