The Right Way to Get the Equipment Your Business Needs

You’ve got the perfect plan for your business, and you’ve finally found an equally perfect business location, but you might lack the equipment necessary to operate your business and the money to pay for it. Not to worry, Commercial Funding Center specializes in equipment financing designed to make it easy for you to gather the pieces necessary to bring out the best in your business and take proper care of your customers and your employees.

A Variety of Programs for Your Benefit

If your credit isn’t all that great, not to worry, we’ve got a B, C and D credit program designed just for you. Now you don’t have to feel punished during hard financial times or while you’re still working on repairing your credit.

Commercial Funding Center experts are also familiar with working with business owners who are just getting their start and might not have the financial means necessary just yet to buy up quality equipment. If you already have business equipment and just need a new source of cash, consider our sale and leaseback program. The way it works is you sell us your equipment and we lease it back to you. You’ll become the owner again after you’ve made all your payments.

The Specifics

Some of the specifics of our equipment leasing program include:

  • You’ll have little to no down payment to pay.
  • There’s no financial statement requirement to fulfill for applications that are as much as $15,000.
  • You’ll have a number of payment structures to choose from, better ensuring you find the best one.
  • If you desire middle market financing, you can receive as much as $50,000.

Just Another Way to Lift Your Business Higher

For additional reasons to consider equipment financing, get in touch with us here at Commercial Funding Center. Our goal is to help you and your business successfully reach your full potential.