Ease Into Buying Up Franchises

To make things a bit easier when buying a franchise, Commercial Funding Center specializes in franchise financing to make your investment all the more successful. Know that this program is perfect for equipment, remodels, commercial real estate, business acquisitions and brand new construction. Let us help take a bit of the confusion out of the franchise buying process.

Our Franchise Program

Just like with all our other commercial financing programs, our franchise financing program is meant to bring out the best in your company and your business prospects. With our franchise lending program, you’ll enjoy:

  • A lack of pre-payment penalties
  • A loan-to-value ratio of as much as 90 percent
  • Interest rates that are as low as six percent
  • Terms for as many as 25 years
  • Extra cash to use as a source of working capital
  • Lightning-quick commitments and closings

It makes no difference if this is your first time buying a franchise or if you’ve been through the process before, we’re here to give you all the help, resources and information needed to make the best of your investment.

Reach Out to Us to Get Started

Don’t make an investment in another franchise without a bit of expert help. Let us know if you’d like more information about this particular program, of if you’re ready to get started.