Your Resource for Healthcare Financing

If you are looking to raise working capital for your clinic or practice, you know that one of the most important considerations to make when applying for healthcare financing is your own business cycle. Healthcare-sector companies have unique cash flow needs that your credit partners need to take into account. That’s why the Commercial Funding Center healthcare programs were created—to provide companies like yours with everything they need.

Acquisition Loans

Buying in to a practice should not be something you have to worry about coming up with the cash to cover, and that is why our acquisition loans are approved for up to 100 percent of your buy-in price. These loans also cover your purchase costs when absorbing a practice.

Medical Equipment Leasing

If you are looking for a lease that takes into account your soft costs of operation for medical equipment, we have options for you. Our equipment leases allow up to 50 percent of their value to be used to cover those costs.

Practice Loans

If you need a loan to help cover your daily expenses, to raise capital, or to flexibly help you with a few different items so that you can regulate your cash flow while waiting for your billing cycle to complete, we have your solution. Practice loans are available for up to $75,000 with an approved application, and with full disclosures they go to $250,000. Use this to:

  • Pay bills
  • Consolidate debts
  • Cover payroll

Contact us today to get your application started.