Get Access to up to $200,000 Quickly

When you need fast cash to invest in a short-term opportunity for your business, it can be difficult to raise the funds on time and efficiently. Traditional business loans have long approval windows, and man short-term financing solutions come with terms that can make repayment difficult. Luckily, merchant cash advance services provide you with an option.

Understanding MCAs

These kinds of cash advances work as an advance on your merchant account, so the more credit card business you do, the more you can potentially borrow at once. The funds disburse quickly, too—often, Commercial Funding Center associates are able to review your monthly volume of credit receipts and come to a determination about your advance in just a day or two. Repayment is easy, too, because it is tied to a percentage of your credit receipts, so the more your opportunity lets you cash in, the easier it is to repay quickly.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances

  • Fast and flexible
  • Reusable—finance up to $200,000 when needed
  • Easy repayment
  • No loss of equity
  • No application fees
  • No closing costs

If you are interested in learning more about how an MCA could help your company, give us a call today. Our associates are standing by to explain the program’s terms and to help you with an application.