Fund Unlimited Growth With Purchase Order Financing

When your business is looking for options that will allow you to take on more orders more quickly, or when a customer places an order that is especially large with a tight turn-around time, it can be hard to find ways to make sure your cash flow supports your goal. Often, it is easier to get those contracts than it is to fill them because you need to have cash on hand to buy supplies and staff up for those big orders. That is where purchase order financing becomes your ideal tool.

How Financing Your Purchase Orders Works

When you decide to take out this kind of advance, our associates will review the size of your orders and your customers’ repayment histories, which will allow them to determine exactly how large an advance you qualify for. Then, when payment comes in, the original advance and our service fee are deducted before the balance is passed on to you. The result is access to your money before delivery, so you can do the work and get your profit.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

  • Take on large or unexpected orders easily
  • Shorten turn-around times
  • Better manage cash flow
  • Reusable whenever needed
  • No loss of equity or long-term debt increase
  • Build financing costs into your rush estimates for ease of use

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