Small Business Loan Solutions Powered by the Small Business Administration

If you are looking for a small business loan that takes into account both your company’s needs and its capabilities, it is well known that the loan program from the SBA is one of the most generous you will find. That’s because the Administration has a mandate to use its funds to guarantee loans for worthy businesses that will contribute to the economic health of their communities. As a preferred lending partner with the Small Business Administration, Commercial Funding Center has the ability to streamline the application process, too, so your loan determination will come more quickly.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

If you need to purchase facilities for your company, the program allows for loans that will cover buildings where your business will occupy the majority of the square footage. You can lease the minority space to other companies as an investment, but your company has to be the primary occupant of the property. Financing works for practically any business type, though, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Storefronts
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses and light industrial space

Equipment Loans

One of the most popular programs the SBA offers is the loan program for new equipment financing. These loans are designed to control your monthly overhead, making it possible to invest deeply in all the machines and tools you will need to get your people working. Terms go up to 25 years, and loan values of up to 80 percent of the purchase price are available.

Acquisition Loans

Last but not least, acquisition loans help the Administration keep businesses in communities where they can continue to have a positive effect on the local economy. This preserves jobs and helps companies that are viewed as institutions in their localities to gain longer lifespans with new owners. If you are buying an existing business, terms up to 15 years are available.

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